Malikarjuna - Inner Journey

by Philipp Stegmüller

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released January 3, 2015


all rights reserved


Track Name: I AM HERE
I am here to release all of my fears
come to peace with all my tears
and discover what it means to be alive
(End with:) We are here
Track Name: GATE GATE
Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Soha
You‘re so beautiful (2x) when you walk, oh, when you walk
You‘re so truthful (2x) when you talk, oh, when you talk
You‘re so graceful (2x) when you dance, oh, when you dance
You‘re so wonderful (2x) when you sing, oh, when you sing
(Optional: “I‘m so beautiful, when I sing” and so on!)
Wishi tai tuja tuja tuja wishi tai tuja tuja hey
Washa de naja heya heya washa te naja heya ho
Sacred is the water sacred is its sound, sacred are all oceans, sacred is this round and so we bless the water every time we wash our hands, singing thank you, thank you, thank you
Track Name: OLD TREE
I‘m in you and you are in me / and what we‘ve come here for is to see
That we are all part of one family and that we are all leaves on one old tree
My joy is yours and your joy is mine / and what we‘ve come here for is to shine
R.: And we are all part of one family and that we are all leaves on one old tree
My pain is yours and your pain is mine / and what we‘ve come here for is to shine / R.
My song is yours and your song is mine / and what we‘ve come here for is to shine / R.
Track Name: MARANATA
Jeoshua Prem Avataraya Jesu Christaya Namo Nama
Magdalena Magdalena Maria Magdalena Magdalena
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya
Om und heil dem innewohnenden göttlichen Wesen

Es liegt in jedem zu jeder Zeit / Hey Mann mach deine Augen auf und sei bereit Für diesen Moment der ist die Ewigkeit / Hier im Jetzt werden Berge versetzt Du bist genau richtig wo Du jetzt grad bist / Entspann Dich Du hast noch nie was vermisst Ich mach die Tür auf und lass die Sonne rein / In mir ist der größte Sonnenschein Hey Es strahlt aus jeder einzlen Pore aus mir heraus / Ich bring es alles, ich mach grad auf Geb mir einen schönen Flow / hey es geht auch ganz ohne Show
Die Zeit ist reif dass Du es erkennst / Gott ist in Dir, wie auch immer Du ihn nennst Come open up your eyes / you don‘t miss the start / we all can be one family / Be a part, I say: Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya
Om and hail the inherent divine being. It lies in everyone at all times / Hey man, open up your eyes and be ready for this moment, that is eternity / Here and now, mountains are moved You are absolutely right where you are just now / Relax you have never missed anything
I open the door and let the sunshine in / In me is the biggest sunshine hey It radiates out of all my pores / I bring it all, I am opening up now
I give myself a beautiful flow / Hey it works without any show The time has come that you realize / God is in you, whatever you call him...
Track Name: HEY WANI
Hey Wani Wani Wani Hey Yo Hey Yo-o
Hey Niketi Hey Wana Asse Wana Hey Wana
Spoken word meditation:
This is a love song for mother earth. “Wanna waki”, it‘s time for coming home. Imagine your favorite place in nature. Maybe it‘s a memory from your childhood. A place where you and your family used to spend your holidays. Maybe it‘s a place where you go today when you need to relax and recharge. Visualize this place now with as many details as
possible. Are you sitting there, standing or lying there? What does the ground beneath you feel like? Is a slight breeze going? Can you feel wind in your face? Maybe the sun is shining, how is the temperature, try to hear everything around you. Do you have a river by your side or the ocean shore? Can you hear animals calling, insects buzzing, birds singing? Try to see as far as possible. The earth, the sand, the grass, the trees, the sky, the clouds. What would this place taste like? Can you smell the herbs and flowers? Give love and respect to all people on this planet. For we are all the same people, everyone has a heart in their chest. Give love and respect to all people of all colors, all people of all nations and creeds, for we are one people, through the heart we unite. With every breath you take, you feel more and more that all the beauty around you is natures way of saying: I love you. Unfolding, evolving. Now send all your love to the heart of mother nature and to all of creation around you. Wait, and feel the love, coming back to you.
Track Name: OM JESU
Om Jesu Christaya Paramatmane Purusha Avataraya Namaha
Translation: “Saluting Jesus Christ, as descendant Master (avatar),
one with the great spirit (paramatmane) and the absolute soul (purusha)”
Track Name: OCEAN
The Ocean is the beginning of the earth, all life comes from the sea
From the ocean of life we all are born
and to mother ocean one day we must return
So we come, come we come again
We go, go, we go again
We die, die, we die again
to be born, born, reborn again
Mikael, Rafael, Gabriel, Nathanael – I‘m calling the angels
And over the water, and over sea
Track Name: LOKA
Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavantu
May all beings in all the worlds live in peace
Mögen alle Wesen in allen Welten glücklich sein
Shanti Om Shanti Shanti Om
Ich wünsch Dir tiefen Frieden am Ende Deines Tages,
dass Dein Herz dankbar zurückschaut auf all Dein Tun und Sein

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